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At Taj travel, we try to simplify the ways of travel business for our partners by offering them all the travel solutions under one umbrella.

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Great products, exciting deals and a cutting-edge technological interface might be important, but none of these can earn customers’ loyalty.

Online Travel Services

The internet has disrupted the world and travel business is not unaffected. The disruption in travel industry gave birth to online travel agencies.

Maximize Your Earning With B2B Travel Tool

Seamless integration of internet with Travel Industry has led to complete remodeling of the sector, with a lot of new opportunities for everyone associated with it. Customers have got better choice options,and vendors have found efficient promotional methods for their products and services. Deals are being finalized online with minimal human interference.
But what is lacking at the moment is the availability of an efficient platform, where Online Travel Agencies (OTA) can easily access various products being demanded by their customers. Identifying this supply-demand gap, Taj travel has come up with an efficient platform where OTA’s and traditional travel agencies can access incredible deals for their customers with Flight Bookings, Hotel Bookings, Holiday Packages,and Travel Insurance needs.
We, at Taj travel, are offering a one-stop solution for all the travel related needs of OTA’s. We have entered into strategic tie-ups with multiple vendors, which enables us to provide a vast range of products at competitive prices. Now our associates and partners, working in the travel industry, need not worry about running around to finalize deals with vendors. You can access, negotiate and finalize from a vast array of options, made available to you by the expert team at Taj travel.
If you are vendor representing a Hotel Airline or Insurance Company, you can maximize your customer reach through promoting your products and services on our platform. With our mutually beneficial platform, all segments of B2B Travel Industry stand to gain immensely.





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Message from Chairman & Group CEO:

I’d like to thank you for your continued patronage and support for Taj Travel, which allows us to continually expand and improve our range of services and exclusive benefits.

At Taj Travel, our emphasis is on providing superior technology-enabled services and competitive pricing from our partner hoteliers and flight operators. Today, we are proud to be one of the most trusted travel brand, providing comprehensive array of flights, hotels, cruises, travel insurance and tour pacckages.... Read more