Online Travel Service

No industry has remained unaffected by the impact of the Internet,and the magnitude of this impact has been felt the most in the travel industry. In the pre-internet era, the travel industry was fragmented into thousands of individual and corporate agencies. This situation left the customers with limited choice,and they started to feel frustrated. But with the rapid inroads of internet and information technology, the travel industry has witnessed significant changes. Now with the rise of Online Travel Agencies (OTA), the services of the industry have undergone a complete transformation.
This offered the customers a lot of convenience wherein they can compare multiple options, grab amazing deals and then take a decision. But the OTA’s were left to do all the hard work behind the scenes, to be able to offer all those choices to their customers. This used to push their limits and stretch their profits.
This is where B2B Travel Agency (BTA), under the leadership of Tripbrands, took the initiative to serve this hugely under-serviced B2B segment. With our comprehensive range of services, we offer total travel solutions to OTA’s to handle their clients efficiently and focus only on the client handling part of their business.

For Travel Agencies

To help the OTA’s offer a superior quality of customer service, our platform provides access to incredible deals on Hotel Bookings, Flights, Holiday Packages, Travel Insurance and other allied services. We have been a leading name in the Industry for many years and know what it takes for a travel business to succeed. Our superior platform enables OTA’s to easily access customized travel solutions. Be it what your customers may need, we will help you with everything ranging from domestic/international hotel bookings, flight bookings to travel insurance, you can find everything on our website.

For Suppliers

We not only help OTA’s serve their customers in an efficient manner. Our range of services also offersa fantastic opportunity to Hotels, Airlines, Insurance Companies to sell their products through our platform. What happens in most cases is that you may have a great offering but are not able to market them to customers effectively. With our robust agent network spread throughout India, we ensure that your products and services reach the customers efficiently to help boost your sales levels and profitability.