Terms and conditions

The website is owned and maintained by B2B Travel Agency (BTA) -a company incorporated according to the laws of Indian Government. No other entity shall have any rights or claims over the ownership of this website. The users availing services of BTA are deemed to have read, understood and explicitly accepted the below-mentioned terms and conditions, which are binding on them. All liabilities of BTA are restricted to the scope of this agreement. If you access any sub-site (belonging to an associate of BTA or otherwise) , then that sub-site is governed by its own set of terms and conditions and BTA shall not be responsible for the same.

1 Contents

1.1 You hereby agree to not hamper the operation of the website in any way. You also agree to not redistribute or reproduce the contents of this website for any commercial or personal usage including text, images, audio,and video.

1.2 To access the user only sections of the website you need to register on the portal. During the registration process, you will have to provide all the relevant information. It is deemed that the information you provide is accurate and authentic. In case of any contingencies arising due to the same, you only shall be liable for the same.

1.3 Unauthorized usage of the brand name “B2B Travel Agency”, “TripBrands” and other proprietary information is strictly prohibited. Anyone involved in such activities shall be barred from using the portal,and appropriate action shall be initiated against them. All information on the website is protected by copyright laws and international conventions.

1.4 Unauthorized Reproduction of any portion of the website, logo, brand names is prohibited. Indulging in such actions may call for disciplinary actions. The proper authorization shall be obtained prior to using any portion of the website for the personal or commercial purpose.

2 Deals and Discounts

2.1 Deals and discounts are offered periodically as per the discretion of BTA with limited validity. Before using any discount, code confirm its validity with our team.

2.2 Additional terms and conditions may be applicable to any discount offer.

2.3 If you use any discount code or accept a deal, it shall be assumed that you agree to the associated terms and conditions.

2.4 Only registered and approved agents have access to the deals and discounts.

3 Availability

3.1 All products and services displayed on the website shall not be available always at all places.

3.2 Confirm the availability of a product or service in your area before making any payments.

4 Security

4.1 BTA will be within its rights to ask for further information from your side if any suspicious activity is noticed.

4.2 Any agent if tries to intervene with the functioning of the platform, he shall be barred from using the portal, without any further notice.

4.3 When you sign up for the membership of the portal, you are assumed to have to give your consent to BTA to independently verify the information furnished by you.

5 Payment Gateway

5.1 It is assumed that any debit card/Credit Card/Internet banking/E-Wallet related information furnished by you is accurate.

5.2 It is assumed that payment information provided by you belongs legally to you. Any misuse of illegally obtained information shall lead to suspension of your account till further investigation.

5.3 If the payment is denied due insufficient funds or any other issue from your side, you shall be liable to pay any penal charges resulting from the same.

6 Fees

6.1 Any transaction or convenience fee levied by your bank shall be borne by you only.

6.2 Currency Exchange Rates prevailing at the time of the transactionis determined by the banks only. We shall not be responsible for any issues arising out of the same.

6.3 Any issues related to fees for a transaction shall be sorted out between you and your bank only. BTA shall not have any responsibility for the same.

7 Cancellation Policies

7.1 Cancellations and modifications are conditional and attract respective charges and non-refundable fees.

7.2 In case of any cancellation, the respective charges shall be borne by you.

7.3 All cancellations must be sent to registered postal and email address of BTA as described onthe contactus page.

7.4 Cancellation shall be processed only after we receive the communication with all relevant information.

7.5 With a request of cancellation, you explicitly agree to bear any applicable charges and penalties.