Online Travel Service

Enabling Online Travel services, Taj travel helps other travel agencies by offering integrated and highly scalable software and APIs. With our network of hoteliers, airline partners, insurance providers and other supplier's providers across the globe, we are also able to assist them in selling their inventory and services seamlessly to domestic and international end-users.

For Online Travel Agencies and Partners

With our software and APIs, we offer cross-platform integration support for your customers to use a variety of facilities across different domains like flight booking, hotel accommodation, tour packages, ancillary services and so on. Through our tie-ups with various airlines and channel partners throughout the world, we are able to offer negotiated private fares of hotel bookings and flight tickets on various routes, travel insurance and other services. Enabling you with real-time information, we make sure that you get the best of travel services that there can be.

For Suppliers

With our growth, we have been able to connect with 25000+ travel agents and planners throughout the world, who further have access to millions of users. This makes us constantly be on the lookout for premium and budget travel service providers so as to offer a wide variety to our end users. With ready consumption of your services, we will be able to back you up with more orders and business and enable you to reach more customers.