Travel Management

With the growth of travel industry globally, it has become imperative for travel agencies and tour operators to offer the best in terms of hotel stay, flight bookings,cruise and travel insurance. Offering a flexible and strong support to these agencies, we at Taj travel, enable our clients and trade partners with real-time reservatios, payment transaction updates, pre-purchased inventory, travel insurance, customizations, API's and White Label services.

Pre-purchased inventory:

Offering pre-purchased flight tickets for various domestic and international routes, tour packages and hotel bookings, we enable our partners to readily book tickets and at a much lower price than they currently are. Our tie-ups with over 100000+ hotels and supplier's all over the world, we facilitate easy booking options for your clients.


Offering easy customization options for flight ticket bookings and package deals, we enable you to change the offers as per your customer’s preferences. Real-time information on inventory and substitutes are readily available for you to refer.

Travel Insurance:

Our tie-ups with premium travel insurance agencies across the country and all over the world enable us to offer individual travel insurance as well as group travel insurance. These include flight bookings, hotel bookings, baggage and other facilities. We also arrange comprehensive travel insurance which cover medical assistance as well.

Software & API:

Our software is highly flexible and can be integrated with Global Distribution Systems (GDS) for more synchronised results. This enables our clients with easy access to information and convenient cross-platform transactions. This also helps you in displaying a huge variety of services on your portal for your customers.